System Provision

We provide Automation Systems for many Industry Sectors. All our systems are built to high software standards and characterised by flexibility, ease of use and security.

We follow a strong methodology, based on our Quality System. Key stages of the system provision are agreed and documented from the outset and we work to this plan in conjunction with client at all times.

System Design

Emphasis is placed on product reliability and support, and all systems have spare computing and hardware capacity, allowing for extra features to be added during development or at a later date.

Key Points; Approval, URS, FDS, Component Procurement

Implementation and Testing

Logicon will procure, assemble and test all necessary system components, ensuring complete system integration. Internal project procedures are utilised. Client documents such as User Requirement Specification (URS) and Functional Design Specification (FDS) documents are developed to client and industry standard and approved.

For Automation projects, software procedures to be used during the project cycle are selected and common software routines required are listed. Personnel are assigned to implement the required system. Projects may be implemented on customers own coding standards if required. Logicon are familiar with many different coding standards on different platforms. Customers are kept aware of progress at all times.

Bespoke systems, even though composed of standard components, must be individually proven and thoroughly tested prior to installation. All features of the system are tested with an emphasis on reliability and error proofing. These tests vary from power down/up through expected and unexpected process operation and data recovery.

Key Points; System Development, Internal Testing, FAT.

Installation and Commissioning

Following testing and with customer approval the system is installed. All aspects of the system are proven on site and the engineers stay on site until the system is working perfectly to customers satisfaction. This phase is normally concerned with integration to existing processes, adding features not previously thought necessary and ensuring that all parts of the software work correctly. Final sign-off of programs occurs at this stage. Change control procedures can be implemented if required. Full Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification are carried out for all cGMP projects .

Key Points; Commissioning, IQ, OQ, PQ, SAT.


All necessary project documentation is included in the project. This will include URS / FDS, Electrical Drawings, Software Printout including symbols and cross-reference lists, Operator Manual, and all test sheets and project log if required. Project and Site logs are available for inspection at any time during the project.

Key Points; Electrical Drawings, Printouts, Manuals.

PLC and Scada Platforms

We support various PLC and Scada/HMI Platforms. Please contact us with your enquiry needs.

Support and Procurement

Logicon offer support contracts for our own and other systems. In the event of a customer requesting support for an
existing system the system is audited to ensure it can be debugged and modified when required. This involves collating all existing printed and software documentation and rebuilding files if necessary to a good standard. The necessary files are then stored on our main and backup servers and on Logicon engineering laptops. The systems can then be supported in an efficient manner by any one of the engineering team. Support is provided as required, to a 24 hour callout, and accessed via pager or mobile phone. Generally the problem may be sorted over the phone but an immediate site visit may be required. In this event Logicon visit the site as soon as possible.

Logicon maintain a company intranet knowledge system for sharing of solutions.


Control Panels, Drives, Instruments

We have a strong network of suppliers and partner companies who we have worked with over many years.
In conjunction with Partners we will supply electrical panels, control equipment and instruments. All panels are supplied with full drawings and CE or other approvals as required.

Computer and Network Hardware

We have a lot of experience in supply of networked installations, both at PLC level and PC level.
In conjunction with Partners we will supply PLC, PC, Networking, and other equipment as required.

We are happy to procure items for Clients from our list of suppliers, and to advise Clients on best options as requested.
Please contact us with your requirements or questions and we will be happy to assist in your procurement.